Polyester Skin is the new album from Jacob Bellens

On 5 February 2016, Polyester Skin was released through HFN Music. It came to life during the two years leading up to the release in a close collaboration between Jacob and Danish producer/DJ Kasper Bjørke. Jacob sent a ton of demos to Kasper who then selected which songs he felt were the strongest and the ones he could contribute best to production-wise. This is just the latest of many musical endeavours between the two; Jacob has written and sung several of Kasper’s solo releases including “Young Again” from the album Standing On Top Of Utopia (2010) and “Lose Yourself to Jenny” from Kasper’s 2012-album Fool. While the overall sonic impression of the album is electronic, it also makes use of vibraphone, different types of percussion, electric bass, live strings and drums.

Born in 1979 and raised in the small town Sneslev, Bellens has written songs since the age of 18 resulting in a huge output of material. He has been putting out music since 2004, beginning with the debut album from the electronic sample based outfit Livstrompet. Next, he released three albums with the duo-project MurderOne Year From Now It's My Birthday (2005) Stockholm Syndrome (2006) and Gospel of Man (2010). Bellens is also the lead singer and songwriter in I Got You On Tape, who has released four albums since 2006, (I Got You On Tape, 2, Spinning for the Cause, Church of the Real). Additionally, he has collaborated with several different artists and also writes songs and lyrics for others. 

The Daisy Age, his solo debut album, was released in November 2012. It's an almost dogmatic analogue and somewhat minimalistic album, recorded exclusively live on tape in the studio by local audio adventurer Anders Christophersen. Next release was the My Convictions album, a personal take on classical vintage pop with flutes, strings, horns etc. It was produced by  Frederik Thaae and released in September 2014 on Bellens' own A Spot in The Sun label. 

At the moment a new album is in the making.